Our Learning

Children are at the heart of everything we do. Parents, grandparents and community are a big part of what happens at our school.

Our parents are experts on their children. Our teachers are experts on learning and teaching.We work together to build learning - at home and at school - that celebrates the strengths and supports the needs of each child. We call this anytime, anywhere learning.

We believe we need to look towards the future and prepare our children for possibilities as yet unknown - that means being confident individuals, independent learners, digitally literate and aware of our environment and community.

We do this by providing meaningful experiences, challenging goals, effective support  and up to date technology.
Our teachers are  highly effective, innovative and caring.We learn in an environment that is stunning, in a community that is vibrant and caring,  and in classes that are small and engaging.

We believe that we provide the best of both worlds; a small school with big opportunities!